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Marie So is presenting her 4th French song album. Exclusively, listen to « The little girl of 92 years ».


The previous albums are an invitation to travel influenced by Brazilian music and Jazz.

Today this new album is a homecoming of French song written in collaboration with the novelist Sylvie Argondico.

Also find Marie So on the Ladies Jazz (Warner) compilations alongside Diana Krall, Norah Jones, Stacey Kent, Lizz Wright…

An artist on a human scale, intimate and full of emotion, Marie So began her international career in 2006 by releasing her first opus « Chaque Jour », recorded in Brazil with Joao Bosco and the musicians of Gilberto Gil and Sting.

Marie So sauce: compositions in the colors of travel, dotted with simplicity, spontaneity, good humor, and sung in French.


A unique, sensual voice, in perfect harmony with her backing musicians, giving a sincere and unpretentious feeling to her songs.

Marie So is a unique and naturally charismatic artist who also composes many of her own songs. She succeeds in imposing her very intimate style, and invites her audience to share in her pleasure of music and song.

Her recipe ? A definitively Bossa Nova-Samba feel, performed with simplicity and spontaneity, together with a touch of humour, and sung in French.

Marie So’s musical path has led her to interpret many different musical genres in the past.

Her father, Jean-Claude Gil, a radio presenter (Sud Radio, Radio Andorre…), it seemed natural for Marie So to embark on a singing career.She takes her first steps on the stage at the age of 14 alongside her guitarist brother. She sings Brel, Aznavour, Brassens… and very quickly falls in love with the emotional rapport she discovers between artist and audience.

Meanwhile, she attends classes at the Academy of Music and learns music theory and vocal technique. And she takes to the road where she sings solo in cafés and bars with her guitar.

She gradually broadens her musical horizons thanks to the many different artists she meets while touring and attending music courses all over France : The Stanislavski method, with Boris Rabey in Montpellier, jazz and Brazilian music at the ATLA school Paris, à capela singing technique in the “Theatre de la Gerbe » Montpellier.

Marie So discovers jazz and world music and sings in various salsa, jazz, afro jazz and haversack formations.

At the age of 18, she joins a vocal quartet « Les Voix Liées », based in Montpellier, for 7 years, which enables her to turn professional. With « Les Voix Liées » she performs à Capela the songs of Claude Nougaro.

In 2OO2 she met her composer, Christophe Trottet whom produced all Marie So music. She has released her first album Chaque Jour in 2006, (Nocturne), second album « Dans le coeur des gens » in 2012.

Then composed in California and mixed at the famous record studio Ferber in Paris,  Marie So’s third album (City Of Lights) made of Jazz Ballads has released on May 19th 2015.


The 92 years old little girl


If we looked deep into the eyes of our elders, we would see a whole world dancing there: emotions, feelings, and memories of a lifetime.

If we listened carefully, we would hear the joyful echo of their childhood laughter... This musical getaway, a message of tenderness and affection, is dedicated to them.


Singer : Marie So

Author : Sylvie Argondico

Composition : Christophe Trottet

Photo N&B : Benjamin Marciano

Script : Christophe Boucher & Serge Bonnet

Images : Serge Bonnet

Post Production : Christophe Boucher

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